“He is an activator. The Cairo Opera Orchestra pays attention to him. His needs are exigent and he has his fingers, fine instruments, which help explain the messages he needs. He is a proper maestro, no lyrical-rhetorical body positions. He is there to get it, bring it out, and like Karl Boehm, he makes no fuss about it. When he wants to, buildings topple.”
                         – Al-Ahram, Cairo

“This director and orchestra have formed a magnificent marriage. It has been many years in Guatemala since we have heard an orchestra play with such inspiration. The orchestra shone.”
                         – Pensa Libre, Guatemala City

“Definitely our symphony orchestra needed to experience a complete change in both the quality and programming and conducting. These changes have helped to develop the orchestra, as I have mentioned in my previous reviews. This development is totally due to the dynamism which has been injected into the orchestra by guest director David Rudge, and to the feeling that the musicians have put into their interpretations.”
                         – Pensa Libre, Guatemala City

“Most outstanding was conductor David Rudge, who led a performance of Beethoven’s Fidelio with Bernstein-like intensity.”
                         – The State, Columbia, SC

“David Rudge conducts Woodstock Chamber Orchestra with passion . . . fabulous, sheer exultant jubilation.”
                         – Times, Woodstock, NY

“The orchestra, under the insightful direction of Dr. David Rudge, demonstrated a tasteful understanding of stylistic variances. The translucent score of the Mozart opus [Impresario] as well as the verismo lushness of Puccini’s orchestration [Gianni Schicchi] were well served. Maestro Rudge’s tempi and control of dynamics continually displayed the singing voice to best advantage.”
                         – Observer, Dunkirk, NY

“Rudge deserves credit not only for bringing such an outstanding artist to Stillwater, but also for enabling the orchestra to perform so well.”
                         – News Press, Stillwater, OK

“Conductor David Rudge deserves a lot of credit for training his student musicians so well. Throughout the three hours of the opera [Carmen], the orchestra never flagged”
                         – Observer, Dunkirk, NY